Local Marketing Strategies that Get you Traffic and Customers

Local search marketing is important if you want to expand your client or customer base within a limited and specific geographic area. It could be a town, parts of a large city or a few adjacent towns. Basically, we’re talking about a small business. It may be a local contractor, dentist, cosmetic surgeon, chiropractor, lawyer, or body shop.

Here are five local search marketing tips designed to increase online exposure, website traffic and customers walking through your doors. Implementing these proven strategies will greatly enhance your web presence.

Social Media

As far as local search marketing is concerned, the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg, are essential. You can use these sites to create interest in your small business, to stay connected with your clients and to attract more business.

Utilize social media in a productive manner, sharing information, creating a question and answer forum or informing people about changes in your company or in the profession. Social media is designed to create an interactive community that has certain interests in common.

Daily Blog

A daily blog can have a lot of positive outcomes. It can keep people coming back to your website to garner insights and information. After it’s been established for some time, it can increase your position in Google news and can help create backlinks to your site that will enhance your Google rankings.

The blog should be informative. You may use it to voice your opinion, educate or engender discussion. Although it does not have to be daily, it does help if you can offer ongoing quality content that is search engine optimized.

Free Articles

There are well over 500 free article directories that small businesses can use to post informative pieces related to their services or products. Free article directories will not take articles that are merely advertisements. The content must be useful to consumers. These directories can be very helpful in local search marketing.

The articles should be related to your business and there are various ways for you to link these articles back to your website. Like your blog, the pieces should be SEO friendly. Another useful aspect of these articles is the fact that other sites may use the content as long as they retain your contact information. Suddenly that one article in 10 directories can be on 30 other sites as it garners you hit after hit.


Positive reviews that appear on Google Maps can be a huge help when it comes to local search marketing. Ask your clients or customers to add a review on Google. The more positive reviews you can get the better. It is important that the reviews be legitimate. Don’t make them up.


As far as local search marketing goes, short instructional videos can be very powerful in attracting new customers and in driving traffic to your site. You may post your videos on YouTube for free and link them to you site. The videos don’t need to be long-a minute or two will do. Posting three to five per month will increase your traffic and get you noticed.

Becoming a Local Resource

Local search marketing is about driving up your search engine rankings by becoming a useful resource for your community. Make sure the content you provide offers quality information and is search engine optimized. Both will go a long way in making your site popular and a magnet for qualified leads and customers.

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